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NHS Blood and Transplant: Missing Type by Engine

Agency: Engine
Date: Jun 2018
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NHS Blood and Transplant has announced that the 'Missing Type' campaign is back, continuing the appeal for new blood donors to step forward to help save and improve lives. Iconic locations and brands from around the globe such as The Sydney Opera House, Paypal and Boots have lost their As, Os and Bs in support of the campaign from England’s blood donation service.

'Missing Type', which was first implemented in 2015 by NHS Blood and Transplant in England, has now united blood donor organisations across over 30 countries worldwide, continuing the appeal for new donors to come forward for World Blood Donor Day.

The campaign has attracted support from over iconic brands, organisations and influencers who have removed the letters A, O and B from logos and social media handles to highlight the need for new donors. NHS Blood and Transplant seeks around 6,000 new blood donors every day, to keep the nation pumping.

The campaign has garnered international participation as the need for donors is global; one in three people across the world receive a life changing blood transfusion every single second.

To date, the campaign has attracted 55,000 new blood donor registrations, and if every one of them went on to donate, it would save or improve over up to 165,000 lives. The purpose of the campaign is to prove that you won’t miss it when you give it, but patients could miss it if you don’t.


Nadine Eaton - Head of Campaigns - NHS Blood and Transplant

Jon Latham - Assistant Director - NHS Blood and Transplant