Agency: Eleven
Date: Aug 2019
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At one time, email and online dating seemed weird and a bit creepy. Now, both activities are a part of the modern landscape. That’s the concept behind Electrify America’s new campaign to get electric cars into the mainstream.

Electrify America and San-Francisco-based agency Eleven launched a brand-neutral digital marketing campaign, ‘Normal Now,’ that aims to normalize electric car and zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) ownership in the US.

Through humorous online videos, GIFs and ads on platforms ranging from streaming TV to social media, the campaign compares electric vehicles with other “new technologies” of the past, such as email, cell phones and smart watches, that may have seemed weird at first but are normal now.

One spot, ‘Email,’ shows a newswoman with a big early 90s hairdo talking in dated language about how email is different from “snail mail.” In ‘Online Dating,’ a video from the 90s shows a guy talking about how you fill out a form and hopefully meet your “dream person.” Each ends with a text over about how those early online tactics seemed weird at first. A voice-over says “Electric cars. Yeah, they’re totally normal now too.”



Electrify America