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Havas London: Freedom Day by Durex

Agency: Durex
Date: Jul 2021
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Durex is celebrating the closure of a Covid-19-fueled period of national chastity with a tactical billboard campaign proclaiming the word ‘freedom’ superimposed on to a condom.

Riding on the coattails of last Monday’s ‘Freedom Day’, the rallying cry leaves its underlying message to the imagination of passers-by, declaring: ‘It’s here. Enjoy it.’

Durex is drawing the protection conversation away from face masks toward condoms in a tactical advertising campaign that welcomes a return to normality for the first time since March 2020.

While some, such as former health secretary Matt Hancock, have been able to practice their sexual freedoms unimpeded, onerous Covid-19 restrictions have placed a severe dampener on passions for most – prompting a rallying cry for everyone to get it on again.

Devised by Havas London, the billboard campaign shows an outsize ‘freedom’-branded condom instead of the familiar Durex logo to remind people of the importance of safe sex.

Lindsay Forbes, marketing manager at Durex, said: “It’s been a long 16 months. Lockdowns and enduring Covid restrictions have disrupted all our lives in a massive way; not least, people’s dating and sex lives. Durex is perfectly placed to allow people to have satisfying sex now restrictions have been lifted, and we’re excited for them to enjoy their rediscovered sexual freedom... responsibly.”

The campaign recalls mid-lockdown ‘let’s not go back to normal’ messaging, which called out ‘rubbish excuses for not wearing a condom’, ‘shaming women for even carrying one’ and ‘one million needless STIs, every single day’.

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