Client: Upwork
Date: Jan 2018
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At a time when the gig economy is booming and 57.3 million Americans (36% of the workforce) are freelancing, a new campaign from freelance site Upwork reaches out to world leaders.

In its new 'Hey World' campaign, Upwork playfully raises its hand to offer freelance help to time-strapped or resource-strapped pop culture figures, business icons, institutions and political leaders – among them President Trump, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, Equifax and Nasa. The campaign – which brings to life the idea that Upwork freelancers are ready to help get stuff done for people who get stuff done – is the first by Upwork’s new creative agency Duncan Channon.

The campaign will run January 16 through March 25 in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. The multi-million dollar integrated campaign includes out of home (OOH) and animated digital videos produced with Gentleman Scholar, as well as radio and station takeovers at the all-digital Fulton Center in Lower Manhattan and San Francisco’s Montgomery Street station.

The campaign launches at a time when freelance workforce growth is outpacing overall US workforce growth by three times since 2014 and companies of all sizes are rethinking the way they source talent. Nearly half (48%) of US companies today are using flexible teams, with over 20% of the Fortune 500 now using Upwork to find and hire freelance talent.


Client: Upwork

Rich Pearson — SVP, marketing

Shoshana Deutschkron — VP, communications and brand

Kevin Bechtel — Director, brand marketing

Jonathan Cofer — Executive creative director

Matt White — Senior interaction designer

Agency: Duncan Channon


Andy Berkenfield — Director of strategy

Jamie Katz — Director of account management

Nick Gustafson — Account supervisor

Sydney McComas — Account manager


Michael Lemme — Creative director

Parker Channon — Creative director

Amanda Burger — Copywriter

Jessica Wyatt — Senior art director

Colleen Horne — Senior art director


Keenan Hemje — Senior broadcast producer

Renée Jean — Senior art buyer & print producer

Eric Kozak — Senior digital producer

Scott Whipple — Studio designer

Emily Sarale — Associate producer


Leslie Diard — Director of communications planning

Jason Tatterson — Associate communications planning director

Kurt Garvey — Communications planning supervisor

Caitlin Herrforth — Communications planning associate

Gentleman Scholar — Animation and illustration

One Union — Sound design and engineering

Gentleman Scholar — Animation and illustration

William Campbell & Will Johnson — Creative directors

Jo Arghiris — Executive producer

Tyler Locke — Head of production

Macauley Johnson — Art director

Kirsten Noll — Senior producer

Hana Yean — Lead designer

Ana Chang, Cam Floyd, Trish Janovic, Jina Kwon, Christina Liang & JP Rooney — Designers

Henry Pak — 2D animator

Laura Yilmaz, Nicole Stafford, Taik Lee, Danni Fisher Shin, Matt Everton & Ana Chang —Animators

Henry Pak — Compositor

One Union — Sound design and engineering

Matt Zipkin & Andy Greenberg — Audio engineer

Scout Music — Music

Avishay Goren, Yossi Cohen & Joseph Prather — Writers