Client: Upwork
Date: Jan 2019
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The campaign for Upwork, titled 'This is Happening,' has fun with an experience familiar to us in corporate America: the “oh shit, how am I going to get this done?” moment when an ambitious goal or project lands on our desk.

In a colorful, quirky world that’s hip to Upwork’s freelance platform, managers in three TV spots transform this fleeting anxiety into the thrill of making things happen - thanks, of course, to skilled freelancers easily found on Upwork. The creative aims to raise awareness of the ability to hire freelancers online as Upwork seeks to disrupt traditional hiring models that can be too slow for the modern pace of business.

The campaign launches at a time when the 56-million-person freelance workforce is contributing a record number of hours to the American economy – 1bn hours weekly. Corporate interest in sourcing top freelance talent online is also growing. 30% of the Fortune 500 now use Upwork, up 10% since the 'Hey World' campaign launched in January 2018. McKinsey Global Institute predicts that by 2025, talent platforms could add $2.7tn, or nearly 2%, to global Gross Domestic Product. As the way work gets done evolves, 'This is Happening' humorously reminds companies that skilled freelance talent is just a few clicks away from helping them solve their business challenges.

The campaign, which includes TV and radio, launches in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. Upwork’s AOR Duncan Channon handled creative and media buying.


Client: Upwork

Rich Pearson – Senior vice president, marketing

Shoshana Deutschkron – Vice president of communications and brand

Kevin Bechtel – Director of brand marketing

Jonathan Cofer – Executive creative director

Agency: Duncan Channon


Jamie Katz – Director of account management

Nick Gustafson – Account director

Sydney McComas – Senior account manager

Mary Beth Carroll – Associate account manager


Leslie Diard – Director of communications planning

Emily McCormick – Associate director, communications planning

Kurt Garvey – Communications planning supervisor

Steven Jackson – Communications planner

Olivia Alley – Communications planning associate


Michael Lemme – Creative director

Steve Couture – Art director

Rick Herrera – Copywriter


Keenan Hemje – Senior broadcast producer

Rita Channon – Senior broadcast producer

Rosheila Robles – Senior project manager

Emily Sarale – Associate producer


Kelleen Peckham – Strategy director

Production partners

B-Reel Films: production

Magnus Härdner – Director

David Wolfson – Producer

Simon Rudholm – Director of photography

Victoria Resendez – Production designer

Amy Tran – Stylist

Garrett Freberg – 1st AD

Pelle Nilsson – Global CEO

Michael McQuhae – Managing director / EP

Cut + Run SF: Editorial

Pete Koob – Editor

Stefan Manz – Assistant editor

Deanne Mehling – Executive producer

Jess Manning – Producer

Tom Yaniv – GFX

Jogger Studios – Online

Matt Trivan – Flame artist

Company 3 LA – Telecine

Dave Hussey – Colorist

Gabriel Wakeman – Color producer

Purple Moons appears courtesy of Marmoset Music – Music

Squeak E Clean – Sound design

One Union – Final mix

Andy Greenberg – Senior engineer

Jaylen Smith – Executive producer