Agency: Droga5
Date: Jan 2019
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Governments in Myanmar and Mexico are covering up stories that need to be told, and The New York Times is using its high-quality journalism to help uncover the truth.

The latest campaign from the media outlet, ‘The Truth is Worth It,’ focuses on the truth being twisted and forgotten and how The New York Times needed to shine a light on the untold rigor that it puts into bringing deeply-reported, high-quality journalism to the world.

Two films are centered on the thought that “the truth doesn’t report itself ”or the idea that you need a journalist with journalistic drive to bring the truth to light. They feature dynamic text set on top of video clips and stills that depict the story being created and the first person process of the journalist. The evolving type technique reflects the psychology and thought process of The New York Times journalist – deliberately written in headline case, it changes, moves, deletes and rewrites as it mimics the journalists’ journeys as they chase the truth. The twists and turns of the footage and type ultimately fall into place to make up the final headline that was originally run by The New York Times.


Agency: Droga5

Client: The New York Times