Agency: Droga5
Date: Feb 2022
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‘Independent Journalism for an Independent Life,’ is the latest spot by Droga5 for the New York Times – a peek into the lives of the publication’s readers that showcases the breadth of its journalism and “reflects the uniqueness of those who subscribe to it.”

The series of videos follow five NYT readers—Jordan, Becky, Yassmin and Lianna and Vera, with each spot demonstrating how the paper caters to their individual interests. For example, we learn that Jordan loves Brazilian style and Basquiat paintings, while Lianna, a crossword aficionado, wants to read about “Queer love in color.”

The videos were directed by Droga5 creatives Laurie Howell and Toby Treyer-Evans, who focussed on highlighting the stars’ reading histories and personal stories in order to “fill the screen with life – toggling between moving image and static imagery – life and journalism – blending artefacts with music, sound and moments from our readers’ lives to paint an interwoven picture of who they are."