Agency: Droga5
Date: Nov 2019
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To celebrate 10 years of the popular mobile game, Angry Birds has launched a social good campaign, that turns anger into a positive force for good.

Debuted 10 years ago, Angry Birds was initially released during the time of the swine flu epidemic, hence why staff decided to use pigs as the enemies of the birds.

Ten years down the line and the mobile game has been downloaded 4.5 million times with multiple spin-offs. To commemorate this, Angry Birds has kicked off celebrations with 'Bring the Anger' social good campaign, created by Droga5.

As part of the campaign, Angry Birds has created 'Rage Riders' - a custom line of voice-powered electric scooters that go faster the louder you vent.

Engineered by Spin, the 'Rage Riders' are not available to the general public, though fans can see them in action via the reveal video or through the campaign’s 'Squawk Squad,' which consists of popular YouTube creators like Tanner Fox, Team Edge, and Destroying.

Through its Angry Birds 2 mobile game, it has also teamed up with one of its existing partners, Unicef Finland, for a new in-game event that encourages players to pop as many pigs as they can throughout November to promote good around the world, cumulating in a $100k donation to Unicef's Education in Emergencies fund.

The fund supports education for children in conflict zones and other emergencies across the globe.

The campaign comes on the back of news that Rovio Entertainment – creator of Angry Birds – has appointed Kairos Media as its global influencer marketing and media agency of record.