Client: Rustlers
Date: Oct 2019
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To ensure its 150th year comes in with a bang, Rustlers has released a feature-length German arthouse film entitled 'The Seas Between Us.'

Created by Droga5 London, the film covers the history of the burger, right back to its speculated and contested origins.

While many theories exist, the film follows the tale of Otto Kuase - a German cook who one day decided to fry some hamburger steak in butter, top it with an egg and toss it in a bun. The tale goes that German sailors brought the idea along with them to the States.

In an interesting twist of direction, the role of the celebrated hamburger is played by Paul Faßnacht - a German immigrant who wears a burger bun hat and collar.

As he lives on his deathbed, the personified burger recants his life to a documentary maker, covering all the difficulties he had to overcome during his life.

The personalised hamburger tells the documentary maker that he was born after his father (Kuase) decided to ‘liberate’ the German people from the ‘bourgeouis tools’ of cutlery by encasing a hamburger steak with buns.

He tells the documentary maker of how he set sail from Germany to come to the US to seek his fortune, his rivalry with the hot dog in the US and his issues dealing with the number of people claiming to be his father.

The hamburger is joined by his adult son who also wears the burger bun hat and collar, who shares his trauma of growing up with an absent father. After lamenting his childhood, the pair find some accord before his son declares he is the next generation burger - microwaveable and ready in only 90 seconds.

Using the last of his breath, his father tells him - “Make them love you like they loved me.”


Chief Creative Officer - David Kolbusz

Creative Director - Charlene Chandrasekaran

Creative Director - Dan Morris

Art Director - Frazer Price

Copywriter - Teddy Souter

Account Director - Jimi Saunders

Chief Strategy Officer - Dylan Williams

Strategist - Searsha Sadek

Head of Production - Chris Watling

Agency Producer - Monika Andexlinger

Production Assistant - Hannah Gant

Production Co - Lief

Director - Katharina Behrens

Producer - Margo Mars

Editor - Christoph Otto

Junior Editor - Freddie Woodward

Post Production - Electric Theatre Collective

Post Production Producer - Oliver Whitworth

Colourist - Connor Coolbear

Sound - 750mph

Sound Design - Sam Robson,Jeff Smith

Composer - Jonny Poole

Music Production Company - Adelphoi Music

DoP - Jakob Beurle