Agency: Droga5
Client: Amazon
Date: Jan 2022
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Amazon, with advertising agency partner Droga5, is turning back the clocks to a 1950s school dance in a touching campaign to promote its Alexa virtual assistant technology.

‘Prom’ sees a young man arriving at his high school ball. From the other side of the room he catches eyes with a girl in a pastel blue dress, and they begin to slow dance to I Only Have Eyes For You by American doo-wop group The Flamingos.

As the couple sway under the lights, viewers see them transition to their present-day older selves. Although now well into their 70s, the loving pair are still dancing away to the same song, just as they did all those years ago.

When the tune ends, it becomes apparent the women’s memory of the event seems to fade away with it. As her partner asks Alexa to play their favorite song once more, the music and associated memories bring light back to her eyes and she remembers their first encounter again.