Client: WaterAid
Date: Aug 2021
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From the German floods to the horrific fires on the Greek island Evia, this summer the Earth has been sending out signals to the world, letting it know that climate change is very much here.

Considering some people like to downplay the climate crisis, WaterAid has brought out a series of animations to counter the bombardment of different opinions and theories that make their way to the fore.

Covering politicians' and celebrities' views, to social posts and news bulletins, the animations capture the cacophony of contradiction and confusion, before highlighting the real people and communities who are directly impacted by climate change.

The animations are based on the lives of communities living around Lake Chilwa in Malawi, in Kigamboni, Tanzania and in Dolakha, Nepal. By listening to these voices WaterAid gained a greater understanding of the impact of climate change and the important role that a reliable supply of clean water can play.

“Climate change is happening now and it’s making it even harder for the world’s poorest people to get clean water,” explains Johnty Gray, mass engagement director at WaterAid. “Our new animation series highlights the experiences of those living with the daily reality of climate change such as floods, drought, and extreme weather.”

Created by ad agency Don't Panic, the campaign is part of WaterAid’s journey of change in its advertising which started with The Girl Who Built A Rocket. Coinciding with three Mars missions going into orbit, the thought-provoking film turned the discussion on its head, depicting a girl called Fara attempting to fly from her home to the red planet, to collect water for her family down on Earth.