Date: Jan 2020
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Independent creative agency, Don’t Panic, and the environmental campaigners, Friends of the Earth, have launched 'We’ve all been there.’ A 90-second film, it features Jasmine Jobson, of Netflix’s Toy Boy fame.

According to a national YouGov poll in January 2020 over 70% of the UK’s 18-24 year old population is not only worried, but anxious about climate change. Commissioned by Friends of the Earth, evidence shows that many of Great Britain’s population are concerned that they, and their local councils, are not doing enough to help the environment.

To ensure that each individual is aware that they’re not an anomaly, the new campaign ‘Take Back Tomorrow’ not only demonstrates how these feelings are the norm, but directs the audience to tangible solutions that they can adopt - giving assurance that there is a real plan to tackle the climate crisis.


MD: ​Joe Wade Creative Partner: ​Rick Dodds Senior Account Manager: ​Kath Lewis Senior Project Manager + Producer: ​Jennifer Clare Houlihan

Senior Engagement Strategist: ​Florence Auckland Creatives: ​Madeline Charles, Jake Moss, Manuel Fleitas, Alex Allmeida, Graphic Designer: ​Ellen Crowther

Production: Stink Films Director: ​Eoin Glaister Executive Producer:​ Blake Powell Producer: ​Martha McGuirk Production Manager: ​Georgia Stamp Production Assistant: ​Nellie Heron-Anstead Locations Manager: ​Conor White Andrews

1st AD: ​Gareth Tandy 2nd AD: ​Joe Jones Runner: ​Maddie Davies

DOP: ​Fabian Wagner Focus Puller: ​Philip Heron 2nd AC: ​Josh Tilley Grip: ​Peter Olney 2nd Grip: ​Malcom McGilchrist Maxima Rig: ​Clive Williamson Crane Tech:​ Adam Samuelson DIT: ​Davo McConville Playback: ​Pete Hodgson Sound:​ Ioannis John Pavildes

Gaffer:​ Peter Bishop Electrician: ​Greg Probert Electrician: ​George Castle

Art Director: ​Sean Hogan Art Director Asst:​ David O’Neill Props Asst: ​Martin Rooney Art Dept Asst: ​Kat Hawker Rubbish Truck Driver: ​Martin Galapin

Hair and makeup: ​Shamirah Sairally Costume: ​Rhona Ezuma

Stunt Coordinator:​ Jim Dowdall Stunt Double: ​Maria Hippolyte

Medic:​ Alex Gardner Animal Wrangler:​ Gill Raddings

Camera Truck:​ Gary Smith Minibus: ​Andy Doyle Dining Bus: ​Bob Payne Lighting Truck:​ Dave Gray Grip van: ​Jordan Worley Alpina Van: ​Steven Passinghan

Cast: Hero: ​Jasmine Jobson Rubbish Truck:​ Edward Aczel Extras:​ Jill Buchanan, Stuart Whelan, Jason Shillingford,

Edit House: ​TRIM Editor: ​James Forbes-Robertson Producer: ​Polly Kemp Edit Assist:​ Solène Henry

Post House:​ Unit Executive Producer:​ Alison Wendt Grade: ​Denny Cooper VFX Artists: ​Milo Paterson & Scott Ryan

Audio Post-Production: ​GCRS Sound Designer: ​Aaron Taffel Producer: ​Molly Butcher Composer: ​Conor O' Brien Music Consulting: ​5 Missions More Abla El-Sharnouby & Tom Simpson