UK & IE: Memories Or Money by Don't Panic

Date: Dec 2017
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34 votes's documentary-style video, created with Don’t Panic to communicate the benefits of booking holidays and experiences over physical gifts this Christmas season, sees members of the public take part in a ‘scientific’ experiment, offering the ultimate choice: memories or a cash reward.

During the experiment – and hooked up to brain activity measurement equipment - participants are asked to recall a treasured memory. Ranging from first kisses in Italy, to watching geysers in New Zealand, the participants are led to believe that the location of their memories have been pinpointed in their brains, and were offered the chance to have it deleted for a lump sum of money.

The results show that our most treasured memories are priceless, and the spot closes with a message encouraging viewers to 'Choose memories, choose travel'.


Alessia Dordoni - Head of Brand Communication -

Kirsten Beacock - PR manager -

Jacob Niedzwiecki – Producer -

Miguel Roca – Producer -

Helen Jackson - Project Lead - Don’t Panic

Nicki Coombes - Project Assist - Don’t Panic

Claire Gullier - Creative Lead - Don’t Panic

George McCallum- Creative - Don’t Panic

Jake Moss- Creative - Don’t Panic

Tom Reas- Creative - Don’t Panic

Mark Bushnell - Creative - Don’t Panic

Joe Wade – MD - Don’t Panic

Mark Pizzey – Director - Reel Nice

Laura Shacham- Producer - Reel Nice

Tom Francome - Assistant Producer - Reel Nice

Hoagy Hickson – Production Assistant - Reel Nice

Joe Durr - Production Assistant - Reel Nice

Tim Gee – Camera - Reel Nice

Mark Pizzey – Editor - Reel Nice

Kenny Gibb – Grade - Reel Nice

Filipe Pinheiro – Sound - Reel Nice

James Downham - Sound Mix - Reel Nice