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British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS): We trust women by Don’t Panic

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British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has partnered with creative agency, Don’t Panic for its latest campaign – We Trust Women.

The campaign features a video titled ‘On The Shoulders of Giants’, which highlights the fact that women are still at risk of imprisonment if they have an abortion without the consent of two doctors. The creative concept for the video campaign and the microsite that houses it, was devised by Don’t Panic.

Launched for the 97th anniversary of when women first got the vote, the inspirational video was created using laser cuts of intricate hand drawn illustrations that depict these prominent dates. Shot in one take, the images are revealed as the purple paint runs behind them on a single sheet of seven-foot-long paper. The film is voiced by Humans actress Gemma Chan who highlights all of the amazing achievements made throughout women’s history, and ends her speech by asking what the future holds. Don’t Panic worked with illustrator Sam St Leger and production company The Mono Grande to bring the idea to life.


Creative Director: Richard Beer

Creative: George McCallum

Additional Credits: Chloe Cross

Production Company: The Mono Grande

Sound: Script

Illustrator: Samuel St Leger

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