Date: Mar 2022
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Scotch whisky brand Monkey Shoulder has launched a campaign to help working adults in Singapore find joy in their careers.

This comes after many Singapore workers reported feeling overworked and exhausted, with a recent study by Microsoft finding that most are keen to change their jobs.

The campaign, called “Don’t let the grind get you down”, uses the concept of game night where participants are put through workplace simulations while drinking Monkey Shoulder.

These games, known as “Dead-end job simulator”, are called “Don’t let the interview stress get you down”, “Don’t let the corporate jargon get you down”, “Don’t let the OT get you down” and “Don’t let the outdated headshot get you down”

“We are excited to be opening the Dead-end job simulator in Singapore. At Monkey Shoulder, we believe that climbing the corporate ladder shouldn’t mean clinging on for dear life. We get that joining the “great resignation” isn’t an option for everyone stuck in a rut, so we set out to build an experience that turns the dull and the dreary on its head,” said Samuel Ng, regional brand ambassador for Monkey Shoulder.

“From learning how to win over the boss to unpacking corporate jargon, and upgrading your headshot all while sipping on some yummy Monkey Shoulder cocktails - the Dead-end job simulator promises some serious fun to unwind and refresh those tired, overworked minds.”