Agency: DNA
Client: Taco Time
Date: Aug 2019
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Armed with hot sauce bottles in their holsters, the Taco Time TimeSquad – three time-obsessed taco lovers – are roaming the drive-thru in search of Taco Time customers who are wasting precious minutes by waiting in line. Their mission: To encourage customers to order ahead by downloading the Taco Time NW app.

Introduced in a new series of online videos created by Seattle agency DNA, the Taco Time TimeSquad want to help customers make the most of every second. The Taco Time NW app not only lets them order ahead and save those precious minutes, but it also has built-in rewards that help consumers save money.

Taco Time NW is hoping that the campaign will drive an increase in online ordering through its app and website. The Time Squad videos were filmed on site during a live stunt at a local Taco Time in Seattle with real customers, who while waiting in line, were surprised by members of the Time Squad who pointed out the time they were wasting and ‘wrote them up’ with a fake citation that included a code good for a free Soft Taco once they used the Taco Time Northwest App to Order Ahead.

The campaign was produced by DNA’s in-house production company Petting Zoo. The team created several pieces of digital and social content, including a teaser video in the days leading up to the stunt, a two-minute recap video and contextually aware Youtube pre-roll ads that tell viewers that “the only thing worse than waiting for your video is waiting in line for tacos.” 30-second versions of the stunt will run in broadcast TV as well. The Time Squad appears in point-of-sale and on Taco Time NW’s web site to round out the campaign.



Gretchen Weidemann Director of Marketing & Advertising

Thomas Huddleston Senior Marketing Assistant


Agency: DNA

President: Chris Witherspoon

Chief Strategy Officer: Christine Wise

Executive Creative Director: Steve Williams

Dir. of Communications Strategy: Summer Slater

Senior Art Director/Designer: Lindell Serrin

Art Director: Evan Haynes

Senior Copywriter: Saedi Hitner

Senior Copywriter: Andy Corbett

Copywriter: Sydney Bonner

Director of Client Services Caroline Ballaine

Account Supervisor: Kayla McLain

Media Supervisor: Jake Bevis

Project Manager: Julie Ayala, Stephanie Clark

Brand Strategist: Jack Eiselt

Senior Data Strategist: Rob Scherzer

Production Co: Petting Zoo

Head of Creation & Content: Gabe Hajiani

Senior Producers: Kat O’Hara, Maddy Giordano

DP/Editor: Sean McGrath

Camera Operator: Jordan McGrath

Sound: Taylor Delph

Costume Design: Jana Brevick

VFX/Color: Nicolas Gomiero

Photographer: Mike Quirk

Camera Production Assistant: Grant Livingstone

Production Assistant: Megan Israel

BTS Photographer: Dan Bracaglia

Mix: Hearby Sound

SOCIAL AGENCY Project Bionic

Account Manager: Julie McQuary

Lead Community Manager: Fran Knights

Photographer: Annie Lalish