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Angel Soft: Happy National Single Parent's Day by Deutsch

Agency: Deutsch
Client: Angel Soft
Date: Mar 2017
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Despite the fact that there are millions of single moms and dads raising children across the country, National Single Parent’s Day isn’t a day that’s widely celebrated or even known about. In fact, in Angel Soft’s latest ad, a group of single parents admit that even they’ve never heard of the March 21 holiday.

To try and change that, the Georgia-Pacific toilet paper brand has rolled out a short film that features single parents talking about both the hardships and joys that come along with raising a child alone. At one point, a single dad says that he thinks his son is the “coolest kid ever” even though he’s had to deal with teething, crying and “unexplainable rashes” all on his own while paying for both rent and childcare. One of the single moms in the film discusses how she’s proud of her daughter for doing well in school and staying focused even though there have been times where the two have had to live paycheck to paycheck.

At the end of the film, which was created by Deutsch, each parent that was interviewed finds out that Angel Soft is rewarding their hard work by giving them a monetary gift to help out with the costs of raising a child. One of the women in the film received a year’s worth of rent, while another was given a free year of preschool for her daughter.

The ad is the latest iteration of the brand’s “Be Soft, Be Strong” campaign, which celebrates unconventional families. The campaign launched in 2015 with a video called “Happy Father’s Day, Mom” that featured real people sharing their stories of being raised by a single mother. Other videos in the campaign have featured an immigrant dad who works three jobs to support his nine children and two grandparents who are raising their imprisoned son’s daughter.

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