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Hong Kong Ballet: Hong Kong Ballet 2018 by Design Army

Date: May 2018
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Hong Kong Ballet has taken a new approach to its design, placing its dancers in iconic Hong Kong landmarks for a major print and branding campaign.

The new look aims to showcase its new direction, after appointing former Washington Ballet’s Septime Webre as its artistic director.

The ads, which encompass brand photography and program brochure creative, is described as “fairytale-esque”, depicting the dancers as characters that are caught in exaggerated ballet poses.

The campaign, by Design Army, takes on a classic Chinese celebratory colour palette of red and blues but has intentionally made the ads feel modern.


CLIENT: Hong Kong Ballet

Artistic Director: Septime Webre


Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Design Army Pum Lefebure

CEO, Design Army: Jake Lefebure

Creative Director, Design Army Sucha Becky

Art Director, Design Army Heloise Condroyer


Director/DP: Dean Alexander

DP Assistant: Erin Winebrenner, Digitech

Producer: Eva Chui Loiterton, AJL Studio

Production Assistant: Spencer Leung

Props Stylist, Flow Films: Billy Lau

Wardrobe Stylist: Tasha Ling

Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Cat Yeong

Hair Stylist: Alistair Rae

Creative Director, Paul Gerrard

Hair Hair Stylist Assistant: Jodi Tang

Make Up Artist 1: Dale Johnson Make Up Artist 2: Megumi Sekine Make Up Assistant: Jan Din

Lighting Assistant 1: Theo Wong Lighting Assistant 2: Scottie Wong Lighting Assistant 3: Jacob Liu