Client: Depop
Date: Oct 2020
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Depop has launched its latest campaign today ‘Black on Depop’, celebrating the limitless creativity and culture of the Black Depop community.

The campaign was co-created with the Black Depop community – both on the app and in their teams – to make sure they’re defining their own agenda. Depop worked with Black-owned research agency On Road to make sure Black issues are central, and to prioritise casting all-Black talent so the community is seen, valued and appreciated. The team also worked with PAQ Works on the creative direction, and Out Since Tuesday for production.

This campaign spotlights the Black community on Depop as they celebrate self-love and continue to push the boundaries of defined cultural narratives. The video profiles three individuals who are both sellers and buyers on the Depop platform. Within the video they express what it’s like to be Black on Depop, and speaking to visibility of Black culture on Depop and their individual identities as Black creatives, and how that is expressed through style.