Agency: dentsuMB
Date: Nov 2021
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Coca-Cola debuted its new holiday campaign, part of its ongoing ‘Real Magic’ global brand platform. The campaign includes a holiday ad that drives home the concept of togetherness, a revival of the Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan – which was canceled last year due to the pandemic – and new virtual Santa sightings.

Coke, which has a long history of classic holiday ads, is hoping ‘Chimney,’ a new film created in partnership with DentsuMB UK, makes the list of favorites. It tells the heartwarming tale of a young boy who mobilizes a group of friendly neighbors in and around his apartment complex to fashion a makeshift ‘chimney’ out of cardboard boxes to welcome Santa. The final box at the tippy-top of the chimney is, of course, a red Coca-Cola box.

Residents wake on Christmas morning to a red-wrapped present adorned with a gold ribbon, inside of which they discover an invitation for a gathering. In the film’s final moments, viewers glimpse the young boy seated next to an elderly woman in a bustling scene depicting the community coming together to share a holiday meal in one apartment. Attendees share laughs and sip Coca-Cola from glass bottles, while the boy’s mother places a picture-perfect turkey in the center of the table. A slogan appears across the screen: “The holidays are magic when we share them.”