Agency: Dentsu X
Client: AirAsia
Date: Feb 2018
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AirAsia is welcoming in the year of the dog by telling the, now widely used, story of reunion at Chinese New Year, but with a twist, it’s told from the dog’s perspective.

The ad starts out in a very recognisable storyline of a mother awaiting her family to return for Chinese New Year. For the majority of the ad it’s unclear who she is talking too, though the film is shot from a lower perspective.

The mother frequently references to ‘Ah Boy’ that his ‘Papa’ will be home at some stage, creating the illusion that it may be a small child.

As ‘Papa’, one of the sons, arrives back, ‘Ah Boy’ is revealed to be a dog, a cute beagle, who welcomes his owner back.

The message of the ad is ‘the ties that bind us lead us home’, which helps segue into AirAsia’s wider brand messaging.


Dentsu X