Date: Oct 2019
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Before there was social media, there was beer at the bar with friends. In a new campaign, beer brand Miller Lite is staking a claim that ‘Miller Time’ was the ‘original social media’ and it’s shutting down its social feeds in support.

An artfully shot spot by DDB shows a man just about to walk out of his apartment. He looks through the peephole and sees a group of people waiting for him, so he sneaks out the back via his fire escape. He hits the ground running as he sees the swarm running after him. Along the way, several others are in similar situations, dodging their approaching gangs and evading their photographs. As the spot rolls along, we see selfie-obsessed people and social posters galore.

Finally, the hero arrives just outside his local bar, the gang waiting for him to move. He has an idea to remove his shoes and throw them to the crowd, which is wearing similar footwear, and run to the bar. As he joins the other two who had been chased, the action turns from black and white to color, from tense to happy as the text-over states: “A few friends are better than a few thousand followers. Here’s to the original social media.”

Offline, Miller Lite will be practicing what it preaches by rewarding consumers who “unfollow us to the bar” with free beer.

Miller Lite itself will be going dark on social media, too, taking two weeks off from posting and also debuting a limited-edition “dark” version of its classic white can to mark the occasion.


Client: Miller Lite

CMO: Michelle St. Jacques

Vice President – Miller Family of Brands Portfolio: Anup Shah

Marketing Director: Courtney Bryant

Senior Marketing Manager: Alan Bremerkamp

Creative Agency: DDB Chicago

Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide: Ari Weiss

Chief Creative Officer, DDB Chicago: John Maxham

SVP, Group Creative Director: Myra Nussbaum

Chief Production Office: Diane Jackson

Executive Producer: Keith Jamerson

Associate Creative Director: Nick Howard

Associate Creative Director: Nick Stoner

SVP, Group Account Director: Kiska Howell

Account Director: Samantha Hickey

Chief Strategy Officer, DDB North America: Eric Zuncic

Chief Strategy Office, DDB Chicago: Tricia Russo

SVP, Group Planning Director, Adam Crandall

Senior Strategist: Jonathon Palmer

Sr Production Manager: Zoe Grubbe

Production Manager: Jillian English

Talent Manager: Chris Quinn

Director of Music: Alec Stern

Sr Project Manager: Jen Polan

Production Company: Rattling Stick

Director: Ringan Ledwidge

Director of Photography: Adam Arkapaw

Partner/Executive Producer: Joe Biggins

Executive Producer: Jeff Shupe

Line Producer: Joey Zadwarny

Editorial: Work Editorial

Editor: Rich Orrick

Assistant Editor: Theo Mercado

Executive Producer: Marlo Baird

Producer: Brian Sharwath

Audio Post: Sonic Union

Sound Designer: Steve Rosen

Sr. Producer: Pat Sullivan

VFX Post: Blacksmith

VFX Super Iwan Zwarts

Creative Director – Tom Bussell

Executive Producer – Charlotte Arnold

Producer – Bindy St. Leger

Color: Blacksmith

Colorist: Mikey Pehanich

Music: Woodwork Music

Composer: Philip Kay

PR Agency: IFC Next

Media Agency: Connect