Date: Jan 2020
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Things are stacking up at Jack in the Box— and not just in burger patties! In the latest campaign by David&Goliath, Jack in the Box introduces the electric guitar- wielding, stack-rockin, mythical character Menutaur who’s the physical manifestation of Jack’s food- hacking spirit.

The animated, super-buff Minotaur-stacked-on-Centaur partners with Jack Box to electrify Gen-Zers with a new line of menu items they can stack up with extra burger patties, fish filets, or sausage patties for just an extra buck. Because it never hurts to add a little extra stack-licious flavor to your already delicious meal.

The campaign taps into the cultural phenomenon of ‘stacking’ which has taken the QSR industry by storm. That and the desire for the Gen-Z consumers to mix, match, and stack, creating food experiences that are entirely their own, and insta-sharable. With the introduction of Menutaur, Jack in the Box illustrates their desire for patrons to experiment with their food, as they have always done behind the scenes.