Date: Jan 2020
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There’s a staircase in the Bronx, NY that has quickly gained notoriety after its display in a recent movie about a clown turned criminal in Gotham City, and the stairs have quickly become a top New York City tourist destination.

Because of this, residents in the Bronx have become increasingly frustrated with the uptick of disruptive tourists. Burger King knows how annoying clowns can be, and they want to put a happy face on all Bronx residents.

To make Bronx residents forget about the annoying tourists, at least for a little while, Burger King is partnering with Uber Eats to give them a free Whopper sandwich.



Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis

Global COO: Sylvia Panico:

Executive Creative Directors: Saulo Rocha, André Toledo

Creative Directors: Fred Bosch, Álvaro Palma

Copywriter: Guilherme Pinheiro

Art Director: Rafael Ochoa

Director, Strategic Planning: Jon Carlaw

Senior Planner: Stephanie Salvador

Junior Planner: Vanessa Amaral:

Executive Producer: Carlos Torres

Producer: Ricardo Ceballos

Production Coordinator: Tomas Diego

Group Account Director: Stefane Rosa

Management Supervisor: Jenny Gobel

Account Executive: Rachel Startz

CLIENT: Burger King

Global CMO: Fernando Machado

President, Burger King North America: Chris Finazzo

Head of Marketing, North America: Renato Rossi

Lead Marketing Communications: Diego Suarez

Marcelo Pascoa: Head of Global Marketing

Nicole Alevizos : Director, Marketing Communications

Rogelio Magaña: Senior Brand Manager, Global Marketing

Rachel Williams: Manager, Advertising


Executive Producer Nick Martini

Stept Sales EP Susanne Kelly

Head of Production Laura R. Cushing

Producer Jenna Cedicci

Director Issac Sokol

Cinematographer Taylor McIntosh

EDITORIAL: DAVID Studios (Editorial + Finishing)

Editor: Pablo Colella

Colorist: Nicolas Cragnolino

Post Producer: Alex Brizuela

Audio: HOBO Audio

Mixer: Diego Jimenez