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Burger King: Confusing Times by David Miami

Date: Apr 2021
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Before anyone could really prepare, the pandemic arrived and upended life as we knew it. After 12 months long living in 'confusing times', Burger King has wonderfully imagined the state of mind felt by many as they try to renter 'normal' life after unprecedented captivity.

Created by David Madrid, the Impossible Whopper ads first appeared in radio form back in March. “It's all so confusing nowadays,” boomed the deep voice of a man who starts verbalising people's anxieties. “Terrence knows that shaking hands is not OK. But bumping elbows is. Terrence also knows that he should sneeze into his elbow, no Terrence is confused.”

The darkly funny radio ads that could be mistaken for a public service announcement have now been brought to life in live-action. “Joe wonders if this is working from home, or living at work?” begins the ad, as a man dressed in boxers and a shirt, as he peers into his fridge while working from a meeting using a headset.

The ad then flicks through various people who are dealing with these 'confusing times' like Emma who has discovered she likes dating Marks profile more than she likes dating Mark, or Jason who has stumbled into a real-life conversation but struggles to communicate when he can't mute, turn off his camera or pee while he listens.

“These are confusing times,” ends the ad. “Which is just about the right time to have the Burger King Impossible Whopper. A Whopper made without beef that tastes just like... a Whopper.” The ultimate message: the most confusing thing about these confusing times is Burger King's vegan burger.