Date: Jul 2017
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Burger King is moving away from toys and trinkets to focus on altogether more productive bundled freebies by handing out 3D printed prosthetic limbs to those in need.

Brainchild of the creatives at David, the All Hands on Flavor campaign slots into a wider bid to champion social issues as a means to elevate the burger brand, which offered its Stacker 'Atomic' five burger combo bun for sale at half price on 5 July – with 50% of sales (up to a maximum value of $200k) donated to prosthetic limb manufacturer Atomic Lab.

This largesse enabled designers to produce an additional 1,000 hands and arms, two times the number donated over the preceding three years.


Joaquin Cubria Cgd – VP

Ignacio Ferioli Cgd – VP

Nicolas Zarlenga – CD

Federico Plaza Montero – CD

Brenda Morrison Fell – Head Of Production

Pefy Carr Rollitt – Producer

Ana Svarzchtein – post Production Cordination

Lucila Mengide – Account Director

Belen Rodriguez – Account Supervisor

Johann Hotz – Art Director

Juan Pablo Tyrer – Copywriter

Production Company: Argentina Cine

Lara Arellano – Director

Nano Tidone - General Producer

Laura Passalacqua- Executive Producer

German Escande – Producer

Susana Leunda/ Joaquin Pellarolo - Editor

Post Production : Daocho

Colour Correction: Pentimento

Sound: Elefante Resonante

Music: Perra Santa

Announcer: Gonzalo Heras.

Responsible For The Client:

Lucina Cabrejas

Federico Bonino

Luz Fochezato

Santiago Cafisi