Agency: Dare
Date: Mar 2016
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Short Rationale: International volunteer-based building charity Mellon Educate has teamed up with digital agency DARE, a part of the OLIVER Group, to produce a highly provocative online video campaign. Primed for Facebook and YouTube, the video is a call-to-action for Mellon Educate’s pioneering seven-day school-building programme.

The video campaign, which launches today, aims to boost awareness of the scheme in the UK in order to recruit volunteers and drive donations in the run-up to the charity’s ‘Building Blitz’ in November 2016.

The “What the fuck have you done?” video campaign is a provocative way of inspiring and motivating all ages in the UK to volunteer their time to this great cause. Award-winning British actor Nathaniel Parker, star of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Wolf Hall and the BBC’s Inspector Lynley Mysteries, provides the voiceover.

Using irreverent humour and punchy cut scenes, the video puts things into stark perspective for the viewer. Using grains of sand, Parker points out how we waste many hours of our life on unrewarding tasks such as work, cleaning, thinking about sex (compared to actually having it) and browsing Facebook. The video points out that with just seven days of your time you can volunteer to make a worthwhile difference. At the end of the video, Parker urges viewers to ‘do or donate’.


Executive Creative Director: Brian Cooper

Art Director: Ben Daly, Matt Callaby, Pippa Harrigan

Copywriter: Nathan White, Jake Attree, Andrew Edelston, Matthew Weiner

Additional Credits: Producer: George Ryan

Production Company: Partizan

Director: Martin Stirling

Producer: Brett Webb, Jenny Beckett