Agency: Cossette
Date: Mar 2019
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A new web series on the province of Québec is called 'Born to Let Go'. Created for the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec, the organization in charge of promoting the destination to international markets, the series follows two pairs of travellers as they discover the province, including US-based photographer Paola Franqui and her mother.

In the previous campaign with the brand, there was an increased appetite for longer content formats. This year is a departure from traditional formats with a series of eight episodes of three-to-five minutes in length created to promote the destination in the French, US and Ontario markets.

On the Alliance’s website, users can access all complementary content about the experiences highlighted in the videos and find out how to add them to their itineraries.

Québec singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin and music producer CRi are behind the official song for the series, a cover of Fous n’importe où by Daniel Bélanger. It’s an ode to escape and a classic vacation soundtrack for thousands of Quebecers.


Advertiser: Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec

Agency: Cossette

Strategy: Florence Girod, Chris Bergeron, Judikaela Auffrédou, Julie Trudeau

Creative: Gilles Legault, Antoine C. Buteau, Carmen Joy King, Hélène Savage, Alex Lachapelle, Romain Payan, Alexandra Oliverio

Product: Nadja Décarie, Jean-Hugo Filion, Fanny Laferrière, Valérie Lapointe, Olivier Thibault, Catherine Deslongchamps, Alexis Gendreau, Stéphanie Labelle

Media agency: Heart & Sciences

Production house: Cult Nation

Director: Eva Van den Bulcke

Post-production: Post-Moderne

Music: Cult Nation