Love Mondays by Contagious

Agency: Contagious
Date: Jan 2018
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21 votes will say goodbye to their iconic 'James Reed' character, who has been fronting the recruitment firm's advertising for the last six years. Since 2012, we've seen his job-wielding exploits delivered as a Spandex-clad superhero, a Star Trek-inspired space captain, a mysterious jobs guru in a mustard polo neck and a horse-riding knight.

After detailed consumer research conducted this summer, its advertising focus now turns to that special feeling you get when you Love Mondays: the joy of loving your job – and loving the start of every week. The new Reed advertising becomes a series of expressions of love for Mondays: expressions which wow us, entertain us, thrill us and make us laugh.

They're extreme and often ridiculous because they're born of passion - and love. And there's one thing they always have the power to do, which is to ask a simple question: 'Do YOU have a job which makes you love Mondays?'

Finally, the brand has also commissioned a unique and special version of a much loved song ‘It Must be Love’ covered by Joy Crookes for the ads.


Paul Weiland - Founder of Contagious London and AD Director - Contagious

Mark Rhodes - Marketing Director -

James Reed - Chairman -

Joy Crookes - Artist

Native Music - Music supervision