Client: Ocean52
Date: Jun 2019
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World Oceans Day 2019 is June 8 and Brooklyn-based Conquistadors, on behalf of client Ocean52, is fighting to raise awareness about the horrific state of the world’s oceans.

Every day, approximately 8m pieces of plastic pollution end up in our oceans. The United Nations General Assembly designated June 8 as World Oceans Day in 2008 to raise awareness of the detrimental state of the seas and unite world citizens to change the tide.

In 2052 Surfers, a trio desperate to catch a wave call up the plastic report of the day on their car windshield – it’s 2052, remember – while they look for a place to surf. Attracted to the south swell on Ocean Beach, it quickly becomes clear that the surfers can’t go there as 3,000 plastic bottles are floating around. Turns out Pacifica is also off limits as there’s double the amount of plastic debris there. Things are no better at Rodeo Beach or Half Moon Bay, where microplastics and synthetic fibers abound. As one dejected surfer tries to coax his friends into the water saying they’ve surfed amid pollution in the past, the others insist they just don’t want to get sick… again.

“Statistics about ocean pollution are just numbers,” said Conquistadors Founder and Executive Creative Director Mauricio Alarcon. “We wanted to translate the facts into a relatable moment that will resonate with the crusaders of today we hope will influence the crusaders of tomorrow and drive change."

The short film will premiere at the Barcelona Surf Festival June 7. The online film and teaser ads will live on YouTube and be shared through surfing influencer magazines, blogs, and the social feeds of the global surfing community that that is more than 21 million strong.

Barcelona-based Ocean52 – which devotes a 52 percent of its profits to ocean protection – also teamed with Conquistadors to launch a new water that fights against the “plastification” of the oceans right at the point of sale. No Plastic Water was conceived with a minimal design and a bold name that gives a clear call to action, transforming each can into a sign of protest.

In addition to ensuring that the cans were made of material that would not be toxic for the environment and oceans, the copy on the back of the cans encourages people to drink tap water when possible. “But when tap water is not an option, No Plastic Water is the next best sustainable option,” added Mier.

The brand’s efforts are clearly working. Since Ocean52 launched a year ago, it has organized more than 50 beach clean ups with 750 volunteers and has been recognized by leading organizations like InnoBev for its social responsibility efforts.

The music in the film was composed and performed by Ocean52 ambassador Lee-Ann Curren – the daughter of surfing legend Tom Curren – and her band Betty the Shark.


Client: Ocean52

CEO: Santi Mier

Agency: Conquistadors, New York

ECD/Writer: Mauricio Alarcon

Executive Producer: Aymi Beltramo

Production Company: JOJX

Director: Gmunk

Director of Photography: Joe Picard

Executive Producer: Pedro Aragao de Oliveira

Executive Producer: Joe Care

Executive Producer: Jackson Morton

Line Producer: Jesy Odio

Production Manager: Sam Cohan

Production Designer: Maxwell Smith

Editorial: 1606 Studio, Versus

Editors: Brian Lagerhausen, Brian Sanford

Visual Effects Company: MPC LA

Head of Production: Colin Clarry

Senior Producer: Karena Ajamian

Senior Flame Artist: Claus Hansen

Flame Artist: Sam Shiftlett

Flame Artist: Sean Anderson

After Effects Artist: Anton Thallner

VFX Supervisor: Daniel Seddon

Opening Title: Alex Trochut

Interface Design: Nicolas Pardo

Titles: Freddy Arenas, Luis Palencia, Gabi Guiard

Product Shot: Frank Guzzone

Color: CO3 NY

Colorist: Dustin Wadsworth

Mix Company: Beacon Street Studios

Music: Betty The Shark & Lee-Ann Curren

Track: “Summer Bizarre”


Client: Ocean52

Agency: Conquistadors

Creative Director: Mauricio Alarcon

Designers: Simone Fabricius, Gabi Guiard