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Date: Jan 2019
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The inventive launch campaign for the new Chevrolet Silverado continues the partnership between Chevrolet and the new big-screen animated adventure The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (in theaters 8 February). Timed to coincide with the release of the film (where a Lego brick replica of the Chevy Silverado makes an appearance), Commonwealth//McCann and Chevrolet have created a multi-platform campaign that introduces the Silverado to The Lego Movie universe.

The 60-second spot, ‘Getaway,’ recreates an epic chase scene from the movie with a tongue-in-cheek twist. Main characters Emmet and Lucy (Wyldstyle) are fleeing an enemy in a spaceship, which shoots apart their Lego vehicle. Emmet quickly assembles a satin steel metallic Lego Chevy Silverado. The two then dodge bombs and lasers as Emmet points out the many features of the truck in commercial verbiage, backed by a monster-truck-like voice and graphics promoting vague features like “interior” and “cubic.” Lucy points out that they might be in a promotional tie-in while insisting she doesn’t “do” commercials. The result is a humorous send-up of movie tie-ins that align with the self-aware humor of the film.

The campaign also features a Silverado microsite, supposedly built by Emmet, outlining everything he thinks is awesome about the truck. A social campaign extends the conversation, including a time-lapse video of the build of the full-size Lego Silverado.



Gary Pascoe – Chief Creative Officer

Bob Guisgand – Executive Creative Director

Duffy Patten – Executive Creative Director

John Fiebke – Creative Director

Jack Crifasi – Creative Director

Vanessa Smith – Producer

Rebecca Chow – Account Director

Chris Skalsky – Account Supervisor

Ken Ashburn – Sr. Project Manager

Eric Singer – Product Insights & Analysis Manager

Julie Peterhans – Sr. Manager, Global Business Management

Stacy Swann – Manager, Talent Affairs

Warner Animation Group

Farnaz Fahid – Producer

Doug Nicholas – Co-Director

Todd Hansen – Co-Director

David Corwin – Music Editor

Kristin Holloway – Script Supervisor

Edward Schuerman – Production Manager

Kimberly Pan Huang – Production Coordinator

Anton Capaldo-Smith – Editor

Holly Isaacson – Assistant Editor

Christopher Palauszek – Storyboard Artist

Heiko Dregenberg – Storyboard Artist

Joel Venti – Storyboard Artist

Warner Bros. Partnerships & Alliances

Gene Garlock – Executive Vice President

Louise Soper – Senior Vice President

Mara Maxfield – Vice President

A.J. Fierro – Manager

Warner Bros. MP

Cory Hamilton – DI Producer

Michael Moser – Graphics

Christopher Obal – Color and Conform

Leo Ferrini – Conform

Julio Meganes – Media

Christina Zangas – Media

Eric DeAzevedo – Media

Karina Desin – Media

Animal Logic

Feargal Stewart – CG Supervisor

Asal Nikkhah – Production Manager

Daniele Bertozzi – Production Coordinator

Grace Rein – Production Coordinator

Nathan Lacey – Assistant Editor

Felicity Coonan – Concept Artist and Designer

Fiona Darwin – Concept Artist and Designer

Laura Hamersley – Layout Coordinator

Ned Walker – Layout Lead

Fabian Müller – Final Layout Lead

Kyle Ashley – Layout Artist

Marcus Boos – Layout Artist

Sara De Los Reyes Diaz – Layout Artist

Dylan Yeo – Layout Artist

Gareth Young – Layout Artist

Jeff Renton – Layout and Assembly Workflow Supervisor

Mike Singca – Assembly TD

Jean-Pascal Leblanc – Look Development Department Supervisor

Lucinda Glenn – Assets Production Manager

Paul Braddock – Modeling Artist

Christian Chu – Modeling Artist

Jeff Driver – Modeling Artist

Daniel Goganovski – Modeling Artist

John Stanley Mcgovern – Modeling Artist

Josh Murtack – Rigging Department Supervisor

Fangmin Chen – Rigging Artist

Lisa Schachner – Rigging Artist

Tim Box – Surfacing Artist

Camela Cheng – Surfacing Artist

Martin Newcombe – Surfacing Artist

Timea Ng – Surfacing Artist

Jens Jebens ­­– Supervising Asset TD

Luke Klaassen – Asset TD

Christian Lopez Barron – Asset TD

Craig David Thomas – Animation Production Supervisor

Joan Hanley – Animation Coordinator

Magali Rigaudias – Animation Lead

Christian So – Animation Lead

Sven Assmuss – Animator

Aaron Burton – Animator

Mike Cottee – Animator

Jérôme Dernoncourt – Animator

Andy Finlayson – Animator

Tim Gibson – Animator

David Hansen – Animator

Alexander Ikenasio Hunt – Animator

Scott Hunter – Animator

Kate Knott – Animator

Joseph Lee – Animator

Darren Rea – Animator

Simon Bull – Supervising Performance TD

Oliver Dunn – Supervising Performance TD

Tim Rowlandson – Animation Workflow Lead

Miles Green ­– Effects Department Supervisor

Rubens Fredrick – Effects Artist

Graeme Phillips – Effects Artist

Ryley Swan – Effects Artist

Craig Welsh – Lighting Department Supervisor

Gabrielle Desdoigts – Lighting Coordinator

Hazel Gow ­– Lighting Lead

Emma Cooney – Lighting Artist

Todd Gill – Lighting Artist

Samuel Gonon – Lighting Artist

Claire Kearton – Lighting Artist

Tim Murphy – Lighting Artist

Sebastian Ravagnani – Lighting Artist

Adam Waddington – Lighting Artist

Steve Agland – Supervising Output TD

Aaron Barclay – Compositing Department Supervisor

Justin Tran – Colorist

Audio Post – Sound Design

Audio Post Studio, Sound Design – Stimmüng

Sound Design – Gus Koven

Assistant Sound Designer – Nick Tuttle

Executive Producer – Kristina Iwankiw

Audio Post – Mix

Audio Post Studio, Mix – Eleven

Mix/Sound Design – Jeff Payne

Assistant Mixer – Andrew Smith

Executive Producer – Melissa Elston

Producer – Imani Franklin