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Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board collaborated with Fleet Foxes, the critically acclaimed indie folk band, to launch a new spot that beautifully captures the wild and authentic spirit of the premier mountain destination in springtime. Gorgeous footage showing life blossoming again as the seasons transition from winter to spring is soundtracked by the band’s song 'Sun Giant.'

The simplicity of the vocals, which almost sound as if they’re echoing off the vistas featured in the video, helps highlight the natural beauty and some of the most unique wildlife in the country.

The spot is part of a larger 'Stay Wild' campaign and was produced in conjunction with Jackson Hole Wild on Tour, an organization that aims to educate people on the importance of wildlife, the outdoors and preservation through media.


Client – Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism

Agency – Colle McVoy

Music – Fleet Foxes

Video production – Jackson Hole WILD on Tour