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Ambrosia: Frozen custard launch by Coley Porter Bell

Client: Ambrosia
Date: Feb 2016
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Ambrosia – owned by Premier Foods – has unveiled its latest addition to its family – ‘Ambrosia Frozen Custard.’ Scheduled to hit the shelves later this week, the brand identity has been developed by award-winning strategic branding consultancy, Coley Porter Bell.

Coley Porter Bell was briefed to create an identity and packaging concept that clearly differentiates the brand from similar products such as ice-cream and frozen yoghurt.

The agency has developed a new identity that supports the brand’s proposition – a simple, delightful treat for every-day pleasure. The name of the product ‘Frozen Custard’ has been displayed using a vintage-style font – which sets it apart from its Ambrosia custard range. The new branding is contemporary, eye-catching, and easy to find on shelf, it features colourful bunting on the lid denoting it’s a fun and vibrant brand.

Whilst maintaining a clear connection to the Ambrosia brand, Coley Porter Bell introduced clear colour navigation across the range making it easier to identify the different flavours including Vanilla, Vanilla with Strawberry Marble and Vanilla with Chunky Fudge.


Designer: Jo Gold

Additional Credits: Marketing Executive: Lucy Martin

Innovation Controller at Premier Foods: Kerry Doble

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