Date: Oct 2019
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Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and Colenso BBDO launch Pre Check, a multi-sensory app that uses intuitive haptic technology to teach your hands how to look for breast cancer.

The mobile interface leverages the power of touch, sight, audio and 3D motion to help women gain a better understanding of the nine symptoms of breast cancer. By recreating the symptoms through a phone screen, the tactile experience aims to give women the knowledge and confidence to routinely check their breasts. The educational tool allows users to feel around the 3D breast in search of anything that doesn’t feel normal - just as you would your breasts. The app includes an easy to follow visual self-check guide and the option to personalise monthly reminders, to ensure these self-checks become routine.


Client: Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Media: Starcom

Production Partner: Assembly

Sound: Franklin Road