Agency: Coinbase
Client: Coinbase
Date: Feb 2022
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Coinbase invited Super Bowl viewers to hit the crypto jackpot with a direct response ad depicting nothing more than a QR code bouncing around the screen for 60 seconds.

Riffing on the bouncing DVD meme and set to the song Money, a click on the roving QR code transports curious would-be crypto traders directly to the Coinbase Drops website (at least those who made it through before it inevitably crashed.)

This marketing approach is intended to induct everyone from complete beginners to established traders in the crypto-economy to embrace Coinbase as their platform of choice, with $15 of free Bitcoin up for grabs for all new US members who sign up within 48 hours. Existing members are not left high and dry either, with a parallel sweepstake offering three prize pots of $1m.

The company is shelling out $100m this year to win over new business, with millions of Super Bowl viewers invited to unshackle themselves from the constraints of government-regulated currencies.