Colgate: Save Water by Cohn & Wolfe

Client: Colgate
Date: Dec 2017
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Did you know that 42% of American adults do not turn off the faucet while brushing? And that leaving the faucet on can waste up to four gallons of drinking water each time they brush? To inspire adults to save water when they brush their teeth, Colgate is launching the 'Save Water by Colgate' Amazon Alexa skill, designed to remind people to save water while brushing their teeth. Available on the Echo and Echo Show, Save Water provides a 'fun and playful way to keep water conservation top-of-mind. It is part of the CPG giant’s '#EveryDropCounts' campaign, which has the goal of saving thousands of gallons of water a year.

Here’s how it works: The utterance, "Alexa, enable Save Water" begins a dialogue where first-time Save Water skill users can receive water conservation facts or tips, such as “Did you know that water evaporates slower in the morning, and in the evening? Both are perfect times to water your lawn and garden.” and “Take quicker showers. That was simple, right?” The skill also offers the whimsical option for Alexa to play the sound of running water to "replace" the sound of actual water going down the drain for two minutes, the dentist-recommended amount of time to properly brush teeth. (In all subsequent interactions, the user can say “Alexa, open Save Water.”)

Cohn & Wolfe designed the Save Water by Colgate skill and crafted the strategy for its conversational interface, and WPP sister agency Hogarth handled the build-out.


Cohn & Wolfe

Liz Beck, EVP, US Commercial Director, Integrated Services

Kristine Newman, SVP, Digital Products and Solutions

Kerri Allen, SVP, Cross-Cultural Strategy

Alyssa Matos, SAE


Nicole Meissner – Global Chief Digital Officer

Mauricio Gomez – Digital Project Manager

Peter Gordon - Global Technology & Innovation Lead

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