Agency: Cogent
Date: Mar 2017
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Yorkshire Water suffers from low brand affinity: around annual billing time, it experiences a dip in customer satisfaction and positive brand perception.

The ‘Course it's better’ campaign platform by Cogent draws on the heritage and folklore of Yorkshire. It created an integrated campaign designed to rally regional pride and positivity towards the brand.

Living across outdoor, social media, press advertising, giveaways and more, Cogent created a range of content that the people of the county could really get behind.


Richard Payne - Creative Director - Cogent

Dan Neville - Strategy - Cogent

Suzi Crawford - Social Media Account Manager - Cogent

Sam Armistead - Art Director - Cogent

Alex Fraser - Copywriter - Cogent

Rae Reeves - Producer - Cogent

Trevor Morphew - Client Director - Cogent

Joel Veitch - Animator - Rathergood