George Michael: Freedom: Post-production by Coffee & TV

Date: Oct 2017
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Coffee & TV has provided the post-production for this year’s most anticipated documentary, George Michael: Freedom; an autobiographical feature-length film by the iconic late singer and songwriter.

Following the team’s work for the late artist’s tributes at the Grammy awards in the US and the Brit Awards in the UK, Coffee & TV was asked to undertake and deliver the opening title sequence, full vfx and graphics, colour grade and creative visuals for this long-awaited film, broadcast by Channel 4 on 16 October.

Coffee & TV’s head of design, Steve Waugh, started the creative process by focusing on George Michael’s most recognisable images throughout his phenomenal career.

These pictures inspired Coffee & TV’s artists to use George’s iconic mirrored sunglasses, developing them into a graphical device to feature within the opening titles. This approach generated a presence of George Michael without directly revealing him to the audience, whilst acting as a platform to showcase memorable imagery of his life.

In addition to the titles and graphics, Coffee & TV’s senior colourist Dan Moran crafted the colour grade throughout the film.


Design and titles: Coffee & TV

Head of design: Steve Waugh @ Coffee & TV

Post production: Coffee & TV

Director: David Austin

Producer: Lisa Johnson

Spot-on by JWT Sydney

Added 26 September 2018
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