The Outline: The Outline by Code and Theory

Date: Dec 2016
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The Outline established a system that puts the story at the center of the post. In other words, the story determines the format; not the other way around. The Outline is built on an entirely new kind of publishing platform. All previously held notions of publishing design and formats have been challenged and modified. For example, headlines on The Outline are a completely expanded component of every piece. Every post on the site is given a fully art-directed digital card that offers a variety of formats. Headlines might be bullet-pointed arguments, evocative phrases, interactive visuals, data visualizations, or pull-quotes. Some headlines are designed to tell a complete story; some are used to frame a long-form essay. The Outline understands that the digital era should make it possible to tell more stories in many more ways and that the details matter. The only way to make that possible is to redesign the entire platform and to start experimenting.


Code and Theory --- Strategy: Matt Chmiel, Chris Hall, Tavit Guedelekian

--- UX: Marc Rabinowitz, Mike Lubey, Peter Gallo --- Visual: Chenta Yu, Ricky Blake, Jeshurun Webb, Jae-won Choi, David Johanson, Nicholaz Gonzalez, Dooeol Lee --- Analytics and Audience Development: Ben Berenston, Berkely Bethune, Nick Macri, Anushka Kassim --- Development:, Andrew Bergal, Christopher Anderson, Chris Baptista, Lacy Garrison, David Whitely

Kiril Dimitrov, Mike Radvak, Shoma Nishikawa --- QA: Gina Erikson, James Park, Tristan Delgado, Sara Tabor ---- Production: Bree Sullivan, Edith Mora,

Hales Morris, Liz Vayda, Sarah Ozdamar

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