Date: Mar 2022
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The Singapore Kindness Movement has joined forces with e-commerce platform Shopee and the National Environment Agency for a campaign to encourage people to clear the table after their meals.

The campaign, called the “Clean Tables Digital Campaign”, aims to remind diners at hawker centers to return their trays and utensils once they are done with the meals. It also wants people to practice good personal and public hygiene.

To do this, Shopee will carry educational content, infographics, and videos on the campaign in its app that will cover the debunking of common misconceptions such as clean tables are causing cleaners to lose their jobs.

The content will also encourage the public to step up and assist the less-abled patrons and frail elderly to clear their tables after meals.

In addition, users can play a game in the Shopee app called “Clean Tables Shopee Catch”, where they are reminded of the challenges of the multitude of used trays and crockery faced by cleaners every day.

In the game, players will control a food tray to catch falling items such as dirty crockery and used cutlery, to accumulate Shopee points that can be exchanged for prizes.

“Keeping our tables clean shows kindness and consideration to fellow diners. Simple everyday acts of kindness like leaving tables clean for the next diner and helping the less-abled return theirs will help foster a more gracious hawker culture. A kinder you, is a cleaner and stronger Singapore,” said Dr. William Wan, the general secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Winston Goh, head of marketing, Shopee Singapore added: “Shopee is glad to collaborate with Singapore Kindness Movement and National Environment Agency as the marketing partner for the Clean Tables Digital Campaign. Through this partnership, we look forward to fostering graciousness among our local communities, and to delivering a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience that our users will enjoy, both online and offline at Singapore’s well-loved hawker centers.”