Date: Feb 2022
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Digital telco Circles.Life has launched a 3D billboard in Australia that features well-known Australians and its customers as 3D avatars.

Located at the corner of Lonsdale Street and Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD, the billboard features the likes of AJ Clementine, a model and LGBTQI+ advocate, gaming influencer Joel Bergs, and Josh and Matt Design, who share their messages.

These messages include love, hope, motivation, and inspiration for passersby to read.

“You can always tell who the main character is in a movie or TV show by who’s featured on the billboard. The 3D billboard was a way to allow our customers to communicate in a completely new way and something Australia has never seen before. As a technology company, we always want to be pushing the limits of what’s possible - and we’re not afraid of being ‘the first,” said Emilie Chell, the head of marketing, growth, and experience at Circles.Life.

AJ Clementine added: “I think it's so important to be able to express yourself and be the main character in your own story and be able to do that as part of Australia's first 3D billboard with Circles.Life is amazing. I always dressed up my video game characters so creatively as a child - showing off your unique self is a gift and I loved being able to do that with my avatar,”

Built by Invnt and Mediahub, Circles.Life’s 3D billboard will feature a mix of full body and head-only avatars customized for each individual.