Client: Cheq
Date: Jul 2019
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After the success of Cheq’s first campaign, featuring Dikembe Mutombo, the disruptive ad-verification company is now launching another campaign titled Mr. Reach.'

The premise of the campaign is that brand-safety solutions today use blunt technology which inadvertently blocks perfectly good content, thus greatly damaging the advertiser's media reach.

However, Cheq uses more accurate, AI-driven technology to solve this issue and make sure brand-safety enforcement doesn't curtail the advertiser's reach.

In the parodic spot, Cheq pokes fun at classic 90s sitcoms with an intro song about a character named 'Mr. Reach,' played by NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo. 'Mr. Reach' uses his long arms to help a generic sitcom family, struggling to reach certain objects. The song accompanying the video is a kitschy intro song reminiscent of classic family sitcoms with the lyrics revolving around the word "reach."

The spot concludes with a voiceover saying: "Don't be silly, this isn't a real show. It's a commercial for Cheq, the only ad-verification solution that doesn't hurt your reach."


Strategy & Creative Concept: Daniel Avital (CHEQ)

Production Company: Optimum Productions

Executive Producers: Joseph Zuniga, Danny Gonzales

Director: Lyt Capell

Music: Bare Knuckles Creative

Chief Editor: Donovan Jones

Director of Photography: Pritchett Cotten