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Samsung Galaxy: Be You by Cheil Worldwide Network

Date: Jan 2018
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Samsung’s tie-up with Shea Glover is a schmaltzy but touching recreation of the influencer’s 2015 film ‘People react to being called beautiful’, capturing the moment strangers from the Generation Z strata react to a compliment.

The collaboration with Glover, a young director and ‘social anthropologist’, aims to tap into young people’s craving for authenticity while demonstrating the quality of the Samsung Galaxy A8 camera.

Glover is seen asking people on the street to stand in front of the camera under the proviso that she is taking their photo. Instead she presses record and, while the metaphorical reel winds, explains that she’s capturing “things I find beautiful”.

Their reactions to the statement were edited into a two-minute film by Samsung’s agency Cheil Worldwide Network. Creatives at Cheil, WW Seoul, Iris London and BMB London collaborated to produce a film in contrast to the filtered, selfie-heavy marketing of other handset brands.

The end line reads: ‘Capture your true self with Galaxy A8. It lets you be you.’


Global Business Lead Euisun Chung (Cheil WW Seoul)

Snr Account Manager (Film) Katie Gowoon Hur

Account Executive (Film) Sewon Lillian Min (Cheil WW Seoul)

Snr Account Manager (Print) Min Young Yoon

Global Strategy Lead Jeremy Thomas (Cheil WW Seoul)

Chief Creative Officer Malcolm Poynton (Cheil WW)

Print Art Director Al Mills and Greg Mullen (Iris London)

Print producer Dawn Moretti (Iris London)

Film Art Director Ollie Agius (BMB London)

Film Copywriter Pete Ioulianou (BMB London)

Film Producer Francesca Roberts (BMB London)

Production Company Academy Films

Directors Shea Glover (Adolescent Los Angeles) & Novemba (Academy Films London)

Producer Steven Overs

Editor Stephen Dunne (The Whitehouse)

Post Production Company Electric Theatre Collective LA

Colourist Jason Wallis