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Adidas: #FanTheFire by Cheil Worldwide

Client: Adidas
Date: Jun 2017
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Adidas has introduced #FanTheFire in an attempt to bring focus onto other sports in India.

The short film shows the story of Nischay Luthra, an 18-year old Indian athlete aiming for a medal in Figure Skating at the Winter Games 2018, is narrated by his mother.

Nischay's journey in the film highlights the struggle which Indian players from other sports have to go through to achieve success. Lack of proper funding and infrastructure makes it difficult for athletes to pursue alternate sports and through their initiative initiative, Adidas wants to trigger awareness and recognition for such athletes.


Creative Team: Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, Vijay Simha Vellanki & Vinod Sivan Nishith Sidana

Production: Gobsmack Entertainment

Director: Shivaji Sen