Joseph Holt Brewery: Create a Buzz by Cheetham Bell

Date: Jul 2019
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Advertising agency, Cheetham Bell, has tapped into the spirit of the city they call home with the creation of a beautifully-simple beer glass for Joseph Holt.

The award-winning, Manchester-based family brewer, Joseph Holt, has taken two of the city’s iconic symbols for which it is famously synonymous with, beer and the bee, to create the Manchester Bee Glass.

On first appearance, the humble pint glass seems to simply reveal black stripes, but once filled with Joseph Holt’s golden ale, it effortlessly transforms into the iconic Manchester Bee.

The idea of the Manchester worker bee as a symbol of the city dates to the Industrial Revolution – factories were often referred to as beehives because workers were so industrious. In 1842, the bee was first officially incorporated into the Manchester coat of arms.


Agency: Cheetham Bell

Client: Joseph Holt

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