Agency: Channel 5
Client: Channel 5
Date: Feb 2016
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The refresh is intended to create a stronger brand positioning and personality for Channel 5 that better reflects the creative range of its content. The refresh, which is the first overhaul of Channel 5’s brand identity since its takeover by Viacom in September 2014, will position the UK’s fifth public broadcaster as a bold and playful challenger brand.

The brand refresh has been overseen by Jo Bacon, VP, marketing for Channel 5 and led creatively by Jody Malam, who has been working on secondment from his role as Creative Director for MTV UK. The work has been developed in collaboration with a number of world class creative design agencies.


Lead Creative Director: Jody Malam

Art Director: 5Creative & Graphics Team led by Dene Smith

Additional Credits: Production Team: Laura Pye, Marko Domzet, Lucy Bugiel

Creative Consultant: Alun Constable

Primary Creative Agencies: Gretel – NYC (logo design, all OSP and pan-channel

OSP); Troika – LA (route definition and C5 bumpers; My5 logo design)

Secondary Creative Agencies: Mainframe – London (logo bumper design)

Production Houses (Idents): Written in-house with production support from: Channel 5: Academy Films, London (Si&Ad, Dom Thomas); 5Star – Found Studio, London (Mike Sharp, Joe Binks); 5USA – Momoco, London (Lucie Momoco, Nic Benns)

Sound Studio & Discography: Channel 5 – Phonoteque, London (Pete Mauder); 5Star - Altitude Music, London (Caspar Kedros, Scott Doran); 5USA – Meduktions, London (Rich Lewis)

Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective – London (Paul Wilmot)

Strategy Agency: Joint London (Lori Meakin)