Date: Oct 2019
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In 'To Them We Say' from national healthcare titan Kaiser Permanente, the brand’s message of Thrive is demonstrated through a series of vignettes that feature individuals unapologetically defying unfortunate societal perceptions. Whether it’s a brazen elderly fashionista, a trio of minority cowgirls, or a man gleefully dressed in drag, this spot stands to prove that there’s nothing healthier than a strong sense of self.

With 'Long Live' Kaiser Permanente is shining a light on the misconception that life’s achievements are reserved for the youth. In this spot, they challenge the myth by reminiscing on some key individuals and the amazing feats they accomplished in their golden years. By doing so, the brand takes a stance against anti-aging by promoting the idea of getting the most out of all your years.

The two spots, with VO from Allison Janey, are designed to reach different audiences, with direction from Lisa Gunning, part of Free The Work.


Client: Kaiser Permanente

Christine Paige – SVP, Marketing & Digital Services

Lawrence Montgomery – Executive Director, National Advertising

Bryce McAnally – Director, Media & Programs

John Porter – Manager, Operations

Agency: Campbell Ewald

Jo Shoesmith – CCO

Jason Tisser – Executive Creative Director

Jodi Duncan – Sr. Art Director

Ryan Eubanks – Copy Writer

John Haggerty – Executive Producer

Zenieda Torres – Managing Director

Michael Tucker – Group Account Director

Chris Pereira – Account Director

Judeus Samson – Account Supervisor

Veronica De La Rosa- Associate Director Operations

Reza Rostampisheh – Director of Strategy

Voice Over: Allison Janney

Production Company: Imperial WoodPecker

Director - Lisa Gunning (Free The Work)

Producer - Anita Wetterstedt

Managing Partner - Doug Halbert