Cafe Rio: The Obsession is Real by Kids at Play & Funworks

Client: Cafe Rio
Date: Jun 2019
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Kids at Play worked with Funworks to create a fun campaign for fresh Mexican chain Cafe Rio.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign breaks the fourth wall to reveal a hesitancy to announce a brand new item for fans to obsess over.


Cafe Rio

Todd Smith: Chief Marketing Officer

Cathy Knowlson: Marketing Director

Stacy Young: Marketing Manager, Design and Production


Craig Mangan: Creative Director

Kevin Turner: Copywriter

Jiangzi "Tanny" Tan: Art Director

Maggie Bradshaw: Art Director

Andrea Bustabade: Producer

Jodi Naglie: Account Manager

Kids At Play

Jason Berger: Executive Producer

Amy Laslett: Executive Producer

Sarah Dignan: Producer

Doug Bilitch: Producer

Sam Molleur: Director

Paul de Lumen: Director of Photography

Paris Pickard: Production Designer

Daniel Selon: Wardrobe

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