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Cadbury: Donate Your Words

Client: Cadbury
Date: Oct 2020
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Captain Sir Tom Moore becomes one of Britain’s oldest podcast hosts as he guest hosts The Originals, in partnership with Cadbury and Age UK. As part of their ‘Donate your words’ campaign, The Originals sees Captain Tom in conversation with older guests from across the country, each with their own interesting and surprising stories to tell.

Captain Tom is not interested in asking about the weather, or whether someone enjoys long walks, but rather what they did in the 70s or what life lesson they would most like to pass on to their grandchildren. The Originals podcast shows its listeners some of the best questions they could ask older people, to uncover unexpected tales and common experiences.

This year, the issue of loneliness amongst older people within Britain’s communities has become more important than ever before. As a result, Captain Tom, together with Cadbury and Age UK, is encouraging the nation to go out and 'Donate Your Words’ by taking the time to start a conversation with an older person today.