Agency: Buzzman
Date: Mar 2020
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During these times of self distancing, isolation and quarantine, going out for a favorite meal seems like a distant dream. But Burger King France is letting people in on the secret to making a Whopper at home, with some easy-to-understand pictorial directions.

A tweet sent out by the French arm of the global chain states ‘Le Whopper de la quarantaine’ on a poster, with an illustration on how to put one together.

It shows a list of ingredients in order, starting with a bun, then red onion, pickles, ketchup, ground beef, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and another bun. Of course, it doesn’t give any directions on how to make it, including how someone in a small Parisian apartment might flame grill something without causing an inferno, but the basics are there.

Agency Buzzman, which put together the campaign, also made similar posters for fish sandwiches, steakhouse burgers and Big King burgers to inspire cooped-up diners to take some time and recreate their favorite Burger King meals in their own kitchens.


Agency: Buzzman

Client: Burger King France